Top 12 Anime Villains You Can’t Hate

Anime Villains or most antagonists in anime are a problem. In the approach the plot uses to illustrate the main character’s journey, we see the antagonists as boulders hampering their way to victory or wish fulfilment. In other words, we too want the antagonists to go away. They always have some kind of world domination … Read more

Top 10 Male Anime Protagonists

A great male main character is one that is hard to find. These characters are the ones that have drive, that have charisma, the ones that are interesting, engaging, and push the story forward.  It is through them, that we experience the anime we love, and are a major reason as to why anime tend … Read more

Top 5 Most Overrated Anime

It’s no secret that some anime are more popular, or more critically acclaimed than others.  There’s going to be some anime that challenge conventions and revolutionize the genre, just like there’s some that just…aren’t very good. However, choosing which anime go on each side of the spectrum is often a matter of opinion.  Some of … Read more