Top 12 Anime Villains You Can’t Hate

Anime Villains or most antagonists in anime are a problem. In the approach the plot uses to illustrate the main character’s journey, we see the antagonists as boulders hampering their way to victory or wish fulfilment. In other words, we too want the antagonists to go away. They always have some kind of world domination … Read more

Zombieland Saga Review


Female idol groups are a peculiar phenomenon. They’re a cast of female performers who belt out massive pop choruses while dancing intricate choreographed numbers in front of thousands of mostly sweaty, male fans. They are the fantasy for throngs of Asian male viewers, yet they can’t be touched in photo opportunities, much less be allowed … Read more

The Tatami Galaxy Review


Last November I stumbled upon an exhibit for Japanese illustrator Yusuke Nakamura. The rooms were filled with spectacular multicolored images plastered against white walls, like paint against a blank canvas. Nakamura’s artwork can be seen on various promotional posters as well as album cover art for the Japanese group Asian Kung Fu Generation. There I … Read more

Mirai of the Future Review

Mirai of the future wide

Alternative Title: Mirai no Mirai, 未来のミライ Release Date: July 20, 2018 Studio: Studio Chizu Genre: Adventure, Drama & Fantasy Theme: Time Travel Length: 1 hour 38 minutes. Mamoru Hosoda might not personally care much for comparisons to legends in his industry, but his consistent filmography inevitably leads to those comparisons. While Hosoda’s first two projects … Read more

 Cross Ange Review

Is Cross Ange good? This one is a weird one, that’s what I’ll be discussing in this review I have been meaning to rewatch this show for a long time, just didn’t had the time to do it, until now… My first watch of this show was a little weird because I didn’t give this … Read more

Gundam 00: Review 13 Years On

  Story I feel like this story also had a pretty great timeless story. First thing it’s relatable in terms of the timeline, Anno Domini. Now we wait and see if the 22nd Century is the space age. This is also the first Gundam that split 52 episodes into 2 seasons of 26. Back then … Read more

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

If you are living under a rock, Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally came, after 5 years since that E3 announcement. This game is the reason why I even got a PS4. I managed to finish the game in 22hours, with minimal side quests completion. I usually play the main story during my first playthrough then … Read more