Cross Ange Review

Is Cross Ange good? This one is a weird one, that’s what I’ll be discussing in this review

I have been meaning to rewatch this show for a long time, just didn’t had the time to do it, until now…

My first watch of this show was a little weird because I didn’t give this show much attention when I watched it.

25 episodes of original anime goodness. That is pretty decent length, unlike the 50+ episodes in Gundams.

Cross Ange Review


The show was rather peculiar. A bit too much fan service? Maybe. But is there anything else to say about the story? It is really hard to say.

The introduction was actually pretty decent, nothing to really talk about. Enough context and world building, but the later stages, that’s where the show starts to take a little bit of a dive.

I wish the whole show would be a little simpler instead of throwing a lot of details and development. I mean, it is a good twist, but the show starts to lose its charm for me.

Pacing wise, can be a little quick, I did get lost a bit during the revelation of the Dragons and stuff, but I eventually found my way back on track.

Character developments were pretty well done, but I find Ange’s 180 personality change to be a little bit too drastic. I mean, a person can change over time, but I think she became too much of a bitch at this point.

The buildup felt rather rushed, the climax comes really really quick. I wish the romance is a little more pure than just straight up sex. The mecha combat is pretty minimal, surprisingly.

Overall, this show may be a mess, but I don’t hate it. But I feel like this show probably won’t sit well in 2020 standards. But I want more Fukuda mecha.


Made by Sunrise. I have been watching a lot of Sunrise shows lately.

Great character designs, but I find that the character outlines were a little too thick, making the characters looked rather stark.

The 3DCGI mecha was a little weird and also hard to sit in since Sunrise rarely uses 3DCGI, especially on their mechas.

Combat looks rather decent. Colours looked a little oversaturated at times. Mecha designs are also pretty well done. The colour schemes really feels extremely Fukuda.


The BGMS are rather nice. It fits the setting well.

I especially love the OPs and EDs. The insert songs are also great. Nothing to really write here.

The cast is skipped again. But Mizuki Nana’s voice fits Ange perfectly with her versatility. Kuwashima Houko’s character is probably the most surprising for me, since we have never really heard her voicing a character like that for ages. The rest of the cast is just stacked.

Final Verdict

Recommended? I really don’t know. If you don’t mind watching some raw content, then sure, give it a try, you might like it. If you think over the top fanservice is bad, then don’t bother.


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