Gundam 00: Review 13 Years On



I feel like this story also had a pretty great timeless story. First thing it’s relatable in terms of the timeline, Anno Domini. Now we wait and see if the 22nd Century is the space age.

This is also the first Gundam that split 52 episodes into 2 seasons of 26. Back then it was a little off-putting, because the ending was so open and we didn’t know whether we getting a second season. But now, its fine, since you can just marathon everything.

Since its a rewatch, time to elaborate.

Too Much Responsibility On A Teenager’s Shoulders

The whole story focuses and revolves too much on this guy, and the fate of the world pretty much lied in his hands.

He is not much of a likable character to me. He lacks empathy especially in the first season. He needs to be more “alive”.

The Duality of Lockon Stratos

I mean, it feels like a plot ploy to make him stay in the cast. I mean you don’t really have kill the guy if you are going to bring him back with someone else. But anyhow it has already been done.

The change from Neil to Lyle really changed the dynamic of the whole Gundam team. But I think the most affected is Feldt. Speaking of Feldt…

Feldt Is Way Too Relatable To Me And It Hurts

I mean, I don’t I need to go into the specifics here.

She changed her image 3 times over the entire series, including the movie. Well, I didn’t really did such dramatic image change during my time, but I did redye my hair a few times.

The story was pretty much one-sided for the first season, with everything overwhelmingly in Celestial Being’s favor. Both seasons does have flaws, first season was unentertaining due to its landslide victory nature. 2nd season was better with the struggle and fair matches. My mindset for the first season is pretty much watching the mecha battles, give zero care with the story.

I feel like skipping into the second season right off the bat is actually okay. Pacing is actually slow, much like most Gundam series. But the buildup is actually great.

But I wish side character developments were more focused, instead of putting all the limelight to Setsuna.

The movie was a nice touch, but the ending really puzzles me, especially since they announced a sequel movie. I don’t think they can actually continue the story from there.


Sunrise, as usual.

I would say the Gundam models in this show is 2nd place behind the Cosmic Era ones. Cosmic Era looks more neater, this generation look like a much of metal plastered on an endoskeleton.

The combat scenes still looked lit. Character designs are great.

I don’t think I need to comment much here, the show looks great, no flaws detected. Moving on.


This is definitely one of its strong suits.

All the OP and ED bangs, like every song. The BGMs weren’t that great, but the OP and ED songs did carry the show back.

I am still grooving to majority of the songs. Yes I am.

Voice cast section will be skipped here, since there is nothing much to add on, but Miki Shinichiro’s voice never gets old.

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