Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

If you are living under a rock, Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally came, after 5 years since that E3 announcement. This game is the reason why I even got a PS4. I managed to finish the game in 22hours, with minimal side quests completion. I usually play the main story during my first playthrough then … Read more

Yakuza Kiwami Review

After enjoying myself with Yakuza 0, I continued and played Yakuza Kiwami. This game is essentially a remake of the original Yakuza game. With remade graphics, additional plotlines and additional voice acting. I played this game on the PS4 Pro version but if you have a choice I’d recommend picking up the PC version. Yakuza … Read more

Yakuza 0 Review

Is Yakuza 0 Good? to keep it short and sweet yes. In this Yakuza 0 review I will be going over the story, graphics, gameplay and my final verdict. This game took me about a month to complete, because I keep getting side tracked with side quests and constantly getting lost. This game was ported … Read more