Top 12 Anime Villains You Can’t Hate

Anime Villains or most antagonists in anime are a problem. In the approach the plot uses to illustrate the main character’s journey, we see the antagonists as boulders hampering their way to victory or wish fulfilment. In other words, we too want the antagonists to go away.

They always have some kind of world domination or world destruction scheme going on and some decent backstory, but that’s usually about all there is to typical antagonists.

However, some antagonists are just way too badass for us to simply want them gone. Either they have a very worthwhile motive, a deep and touching backstory or they are simply too epic not to like.

We want to see them in action as long as the plot will let us, and that leads to a highly anticipated, meaningful showdown between the protagonists and antagonists.

Top 12 Anime Villains You Can’t Hate

Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter

I know some of you are going to be like ” Um I don’t think so, she killed my boy Kite” But as for me, I simply love Neferpitou, although she isn’t the main antagonist of Hunter X Hunter, she’s still one of the bad guys. It’s not just her devotion to Meruem that stands out and reflects on her actions, but her overall badassity accentuated as a feline is simply epic and it just makes her worthy of this list.

Merum – Hunter x Hunter

This list will not only be about Hunter x Hunter just so you know. But Merum undergoes a severe character development and I live ! After an amazing fight against Netero, a superb display of power, and his growth throughout the series is awesome. Plus his final moments were unexpectedly satisfying.

Aizen Sousuke – Bleach

I mean come on, Aizen finessed every single soul in Sereitei, and revealed his real, gorgeous looking self by simply slicking his hair and removing his glasses. That alone already speaks levels in terms of badassity. But then his later display of power and remarkable use of fancy, potent words just makes Aizen look even cooler.

Madara Uchiha – Naruto

He most definitely had to be a part of this list. Madara is not only super powerful, but the reasons for his actions have so much weight and meaning to them, it gives Madara a lot more substance as an antagonist, and it differentiates him from archetypes who just want to destroy the world or control it for no reason. Also, can you even resist an Uchiha? I think not.

Gyokuen Ren – Magi

Even though her true might shows in the manga. Gyokuen Ren is an absolutely amazing mastermind. At first, I didn’t like her, but eventually after seeing her prowess, I just had to acknowledge how amazing she was at being an antagonist.

Team Rocket – Pokemon

I mean, their sheer perseverance alone is commendable. Despite multiple failed attempts at doing whatever they’re supposed to do, they are still going strong. At that point, if they don’t show up in an episode, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Father – Full Metal Alchemist

This guy plotted a plan that literally took hundreds of years to complete as a sneaky little humonculus. The amount of premeditation, patience and determination put towards his goal was pretty impressive. Then seeing him achieve it was also a huge deal, and his final fight vs everyone revealed his true power which made for quite the epic episode. Also, look how badass he looks, that’s already something.

Orochimaru – Naruto

From hating him to getting use to him not dying anytime soon, Orochimaru has proven to be of much better use alive than dead, as he was a key component in the outcome of the war and as a result, prove himself, even in the eyes of Hiruzen. I hesitated before putting them in there but after thinking back, Orochimaru is basically an antagonist icon alongside Madara and Nagato, but with a more prominent input.

Hisoka – Hunter X Hunter

If you guys are at my throat for another HxH character I understand, but hear me out tho, have these badass powerhouses disappointed you? I don’t think so. Well, Hisoka is another one of them. At first, I was like get this character out of my sight. But ever since the dodge ball episode, somehow I feel good when Hisoka is backing up the kids.

The Akatsuki – Naruto

All of the Akatsuki members had goals and inspirations for their lives and saw the group as a worthwhile way to get to them. When the plot revealed the members’ back story, I was like, wow the Akatsuki is not your average typical bandit antagonists group.

There was so much depth, backstory and heartbreaking moments portrayed throughout their lives, these characters were heavy, what I mean is that they brought a lot of substance to the show, especially Sasori, Kisame, Nagato, Yahiko, Konan, Itachi, Deidara and although I don’t like Zetsu, I have to acknowledge the masterminding.

As antagonists they were so well-made, overall, this group of villains is epic, if you watched Naruto you already know. So they’re just worthy of this list.

Pegasus – Yu-gi-oh

Ok, look at this hair, I don’t care what he did to Yugi’s grandpa or anyone else, as not only is he an antagonist, so that’s what he’s supposed to do, but also in the end all was well. So honestly, with a hairstyle this majestic, and with such royal composure, Pegasus’ place on this lists was assured.

Grimmjow – Bleach

Grimmjow had a little more character development compared to the other Espadas, and his fight with strawberry was always highly anticipated and it always delivered. I think he’s pretty epic.

Although Ulquiorra was dope and absolutely epic, he was so empty, and he never got the chance to become whole and that threw any potential growth he had in the water.

– Again don’t mind the order of this list, I just wrote in order of whoever came to mind. Do you agree with this list? Any suggestions? Feel free to tell me, leave a comment down below. I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading.


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