Yakuza Kiwami Review

After enjoying myself with Yakuza 0, I continued and played Yakuza Kiwami. This game is essentially a remake of the original Yakuza game. With remade graphics, additional plotlines and additional voice acting.

I played this game on the PS4 Pro version but if you have a choice I’d recommend picking up the PC version.

Yakuza Kiwami Review


The story continues from Yakuza 0, with happy people and happy girls. But plot twist, Kazuma volunteered to take the rap when his sworn brother killed one of his family head, because of Kazuma’s love interest…

The story was pretty great. The pacing is pretty fast compared to Yakuza 0. Character developments are pretty aplenty. If I want to point out any flaws, I feel like I am watching Game of Thrones, the amount of deaths in this game is just so damn many, excluding the antagonists, about 5 good people died.

I really wish they could have averted some of the deaths, because a lot of them are pretty much unnecessary and it kind of turned me off. The plot also lacked any impactful plot twists.

The climax was pretty entertaining, but predictable. The ending was pretty well=wrapped despite the intense amount of deaths.

Game Mechanics

It’s pretty much copy paste from Yakuza 0, but I didn’t enjoy it this time round.

Lacking of enemy lock-on system, enemy difficulty inconsistencies.

Enemies can somehow get behind me after throwing a few punches. Bosses that are supposed to be difficult became extremely easy to beat and those who were supposed to be easy to beat became extremely difficult. It’s just weird.


I played Yakuza 0 maxed out on PC, but now I’m on the PS4 Pro, so it is a minor step back.

But it still looks pretty darn amazing. Graphic engine is pretty much the same from the previous game so don’t expect anything new here.

It looks as good as it is so I am satisfied. The amount of characters being facial captured has reduced compared to Yakuza 0, which is a slight disappointment.


Music composition seems to be the same as before. Still great sounding and fitting the atmosphere all the time.

Voice Cast

A lot of people got retained from Yakuza 0, but Tanaka Atsuko voiced Reina this time round, and she did a pretty amazing job. Her voice suits Reina a lot more than Tsuru Hiromi.

Sakamoto Maaya voicing Yumi is also pretty darn solid.

Final Verdict

Recommended? I think you start off by playing Yakuza 0 first and see if you enjoy that. If you do, you will love this game too.

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